Role: Producer, Shooter, Editor

Details: After building a relationship during a Paella cooking class in Barcelona, developed a plan to capture the personality and atmosphere created by Marta, our cooking teacher.  Produced, shot, and edited film.  
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Role: Lead Editor

Details:  Worked alongside client and Art Director to create meaningful messaging for the intended audience.  Built a visual experience that helped guide the viewers through the complexity of the story and content. Engineered music selections to appropriately enhance the tone of the story.

Role:  Associate Editor

Details:  Worked alongside the Director/Lead Shooter to create a sentimental experience of this couple's wedding day.  Included audio excerpts as well as a non-sequential timeline to guide the viewer through the emotion and personality of those involved.

Role: Editor

Details:  Led the post-production development of the video following the creation of the story by the project Art Director.  Used ambient audio to engage and sense of emotion and reality in the intended viewer.  Designed a voice-over recording to give client messaging a personal, authentic feel.

Role: Lead Editor

Details:  Crafted a cohesive story about the unique culture behind our client's marketing department.  Intended for prospective employees to find out more about the environment and working atmosphere.

Role: Producer and Lead Editor

Details:  Collaborated with the organization's leadership to develop a cohesive concept with clear messaging goals.  Managed freelance shooters and recorders, developed shot list, and engineered music selection to create the appropriate feeling for intended viewers.

Role:  Lead Editor

Details:   Assisted Art Director in building a before and after themed story. Used BRoll footage, on-camera interview, and music selections to create tension, affirm empathy and engage viewers and potential customers.