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Day 95: Suisse Views.

Day 95: Suisse Views.

After saying goodbye to Barcelona, we headed for Geneva, where we met up with cousin Mike and his friend Jeremy.  Mike and Jeremy had previously been touring around the UK with a friend and were now going to join us for the second half of their trip.

Friday morning we left the Geneva train station and headed out around the lake.  After a few hours and a few train changes, we arrived at our final destination: Lauterbrunnen.

We were totally enamored even as we rode the train in!  The views!

Knowing this might be our only truly sunny day, we headed out for a hike. Taking a train, then a cable car, we started at Mannlichen, a summit on top of the Lauterbrunnen Valley.  

The scene was really incredible.  It was hard to imagine that we were actually there, looking at such wild creation.  Almost felt like we were photoshopped into the landscape.

After a few hours, we ended our walk in Kleine Scheidegg.  While waiting for our train back to Lauterbrunnen, we had a chance to Facetime with mom, get some last views, and enjoy the sun setting on the mountains.  Amazing.


Day 96: The Valley.

Day 96: The Valley.

Day 94:  Adios, Espana.

Day 94: Adios, Espana.