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Day 33: College Town.

Day 33: College Town.

Oxford is definitely a college town, although not your typical Chapel Hill, that's for sure.  While the University is responsible for lectures, examinations, etc., it's 38 different colleges are responsible for the housing, catering, and tutoring of their individual groups of students.  

The colleges are spread all throughout the city, and they are beautiful.

While touring around a few today, we asked a friend if he thought the students really appreciated their experience.  Some yes, some no, he said. Depends what your upbringing was, mostly - the aristocratic tend to expect it; the "social justice types" he said, are slightly embarrassed by it.

Today we visited Christ Church (featured as Hogwarts in Harry Potter), and Magdalen (academic home of CS Lewis).

Day 34:  End of an Oxford.

Day 34: End of an Oxford.

Day 31:  On Biking.

Day 31: On Biking.