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Day 47:  River Krka.

Day 47: River Krka.

Krka National Park.  The pride of Dalmatia.  It was beautiful, almost other-worldly.  "Looks like the Garden of Eden!," my mom commented.

Our day started at the marina in Šibeniktaking a boat north up the River Krka towards the waterfalls.  What a terrific way to enter the park, mostly as a chance to gawk at the blue-green water and anticipate the falls that you could hear in the distance.

We spent the first few hours hiking, wandering along the wooden path covered by trees and sprinkled with lavender bushes.  It really felt like the streams and falls were never ending.  Everywhere you turned, another little fast-moving river, another cascade. 

Finally, we'd worked up a good enough sweat and jumped in the water.

So fresh!  So cool!  

I don't know why I was so surprised by it, but it was really the most refreshing water I've ever been in.  And just to look around at the colors as we swam:  the blue-green water, the orange rocks underneath, the limestone shining through.  Unreal.  

Day 50: Watercolor Sunsets.

Day 50: Watercolor Sunsets.

Day 44:  Neighborhood Beaching.

Day 44: Neighborhood Beaching.