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Day 44:  Neighborhood Beaching.

Day 44: Neighborhood Beaching.

Our apartment has started to take on that familiar "beach house" feel. Bathing suits strewn about, half-squeezed sunscreen bottle on the table, and towels drying as they hang over the porch railing.  I don't hate it.

We live just a few blocks from Plaža Obojena Svetlost.  When I looked up what this meant in Croatian, I almost laughed.  "Colored Light Beach."  

Feels so idyllic, and yet so fitting because it really is a beautifully colored scene.  

Trying our best to take full advantage of our little corner of paradise.  
Coffee and swimming in the morning.  Reading and boat watching at sunset. Just trying to enjoy the moment.

Day 47:  River Krka.

Day 47: River Krka.

Day 40: Sailing the Adriatic.

Day 40: Sailing the Adriatic.