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Day 64: Until later, Croatia.

Day 64: Until later, Croatia.

Our time in Croatia has come and gone.  

Going into our journey abroad, I had originally expected that the month of August would almost be like a stepping stone to September.  We knew Split would have some wonderful things about it, but we couldn't help our excitement about the possibilities of Barcelona.

And now, here I am, at the end of our time in Croatia, wishing we could hit the reset button on the past month.  

Things we will remember fondly about our time in Split:
Meje, our quiet neighborhood atop the hills of Marjan
- Mornings by the ocean, listening to Tim Keller and Jamie Ivey
- The Marina, and watching boats come and go as the sun was setting
- Beaching, let's be real, bathing suits and Chacos were our uniform
Croatians!, who were always friendly, and so proud of their town/country
- Relaxing, and embracing a slower rhythm of our days

Also, check out this Instagram account, called Youth of Hrvatska.  Run by some friends we met that are working with youth in Split.  It's pretty new now, but hoping the stories will continue!

Below: photos of our last visit to Obojena Svjetlost, trying to take it all in. Now realizing that almost all our photos of Croatia have water in them.(!)

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