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Day 117:  Bologna.

Day 117: Bologna.

A few weeks ago we started planning a trip to Venice.  We decided if we were heading that way, might as well make a weekend of it and stop in Bologna.

To be honest, this video from NYTimes got me really excited about Bologna a few months ago.  It made me think that Bologna might be like an Italian Durham in some ways.  That definitely turned out to be true, and we enjoyed the similarities.

The city was open and expansive, but still an extremely walkable place.  The amount of people and music and food and activity that was going on made it seem particularly friendly, and we felt like we were at one big neighborhood block party.

After lunch, we found the Due Torri (Two Towers) and decided to give the tallest, Asinelli, a climb.  After 498 steps, we knew the views would be incredible.  They did not disappoint.

In Mercato di Mezzo, we experienced our first aperitivo - basically before dinner drinks and smalls foods.  I got a local Spritz (aperol with prosecco), Vance got a beer, and we tried a few different focaccia, panini, and mortadella (aka "bologna").  

Some places you don't really even want "do" much, you just want to sit and watch and be in the city.  Bologna was definitely one of those places.  

Day 118:  Venice on Water.

Day 118: Venice on Water.

Day 111: Cinque Terre!

Day 111: Cinque Terre!