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Day 118:  Venice on Water.

Day 118: Venice on Water.

Venice on a Sunday!

We took the train from Bologna through the Veneto region early in the morning.  The fog was clearing out as we came closer to Venice and the sun was shining by the time we got off the train.  I hate to admit that weather is such an important part of traveling and experiencing new places, but it just is.  We've learned to be flexible, but you just can't help but be thankful for a sunny day.

Our expectations for Venice were pretty humble - walk around, cross bridges, see canals, and just admire the city.  A walking tour gave us a good start, and a sandwich lunch in a nice little square helped out, too.

It's just wild to me how Venetians continue to thrive.  It seems like sinking foundations and frequent flooding would do anyone in.  But they just keep patching, fixing, and hanging on.  It's pretty impressive.  And really just magical to look at.  

*Also, there was a marathon going on in the city on this particular Sunday.  If I thought to myself, "What would be a great city to have a marathon?" I don't think Venice would be top of mind.  But, who knows.  Running along canals and bridges is probably pretty cool.

**Also, we finally bought a selfie stick.  It's pretty awesome.

Day 124: Roads of Tuscany.

Day 124: Roads of Tuscany.

Day 117:  Bologna.

Day 117: Bologna.